FAO supplies the Ministry of Agriculture with facts technological know-how tools – Iraq

Baghdad, February 15, 2021: Inside the framework of the joint cooperation involving the Foods and Agriculture Firm of the United Nations (FAO) and the Iraqi Government for the accomplishment of sustainable agricultural improvement, and in an effort to assist coordination and joint cooperation in between suitable ministries and FAO, the business presented video clip convention units and a license for voice/online video connect with plan (Zoom) in addition to ICT equipment to the Ministry of Agriculture. This move will permit continuity of coordination and virtual conferences as a way to defeat the constraints imposed due to the spread of COVID-19 virus on social gatherings. The provision of these devices is a paradigm shift in the way in which FAO and its associates are responding to the rising COVID-19 pandemic, when at the identical time deliver modern day devices in a handy and value-productive fashion.

From his aspect, Dr. Salah El Hajj Hassan, FAO Consultant in Iraq, verified that the group is functioning in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and area companions to realize and address the social and economic impacts of the pandemic and minimize its results on the agricultural sector and farmers, in addition to obtaining ways to mitigate it in progressive techniques by way of the use of present day technologies, in buy to be certain FAO ambitions are met in making sure foodstuff protection and sustainable agricultural advancement.