How To Troubleshoot Hydraulic Solenoid Valve Problems?

Hydraulic Solenoid Valves are sturdy and dependable and, if hooked up and maintained efficiently, can offer a few years of service. In this blog we are able to examine steps that may be taken to assist enlarge the existence of your solenoid valve and preserve it working at ideal performance. We can even examine the way to identify, solve and save you troubles with Hydraulic Cylinder Repair.

Here are ways to troubleshoot Hydraulic Solenoid Valves problems.

Solenoid Valve Not Opening

Possible reasons consist of loss of electricity in the solenoid coil, burnt coil, incorrect voltage, strain differences (too excessive or too low), and dust of the membrane, valve seat, or tube. It also can be because of a crucial part of the solenoid valve lacking or being broken.

Before trying to repair the problem, decide the kind of solenoid valve you have. It will be a typically open or typically closed solenoid valve. Also, if it’s a directing performing or pilot operated type.

Hydraulic Solenoid Valves

Coil burned out, melted or bloodless with electricity on

Check if the electricity delivery is accurate and the coil can deplete warmth via way of means of airflow. Install a brand new coil and in no way electricity the coil while now no longer installed at the valve.

Check for moisture inside and update if necessary. Replace any broken or bent armatures as well, and test media compatibility together along with your valve. Don’t neglect to transport solenoid valves into cooler regions or you can boom airflow around valves and coil.

Valve Failure

Hydraulic Cylinders Valve failure may be prevented if the valve is hooked up and maintained efficiently and is operated in the limits of the specifications. Identifying the foundation purpose of a failure may be hard as various things can be concerned however the following may be used as a guide.

Exceeding the strain score of the solenoid valve can purpose harm to the valve additives. Tears in the diaphragm are commonly a demonstration of overstrain. In severe instances, immoderate strain can purpose harm to the valve frame and armature tube assembly. Pilot operated and assisted raise valves even have a minimal strain score that desires to be met for the valve to function.

Deformation of diaphragms, seals and o-earrings may be resulting from both the media temperature and the ambient temperature being out of doors the required temperature variety of the valve. Discolouration of additives may imply that the temperature score has been exceeded.

Solenoid Valve Noise

Buzzing sound is usually an everyday prevalent while alternating cutting-edge flows in the coil windings. In a few instances, the encompassing elements of the Hydraulic Solenoid Valves choose up the noise and purpose it to amplify.

Reduce the media pace via way of means of growing the diameter of the piping. You also can use a sluggish performing valve which includes a ball valve. That’s is due to the fact water hammer regularly consequences from valves with quick reaction times. Alternatively, you could make use of a water hammer arrestor to lessen the noise. It may be resulting from free additives resonating to the low hum of the solenoid coil.

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