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Increase your website’s leads & traffic with courses on Google SEO, YouTube SEO, Amazon Marketing & more

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For users, doing an online search seems so easy and ubiquitous. Simply type what you’re looking for, and within a few seconds, you’ll find the content from the relevant websites. For digital marketers, the first few pages of Google search results are a battleground.

Thousands of websites are constantly trying for the top position by tweaking their content and websites. It’s a job for which companies pay marketers full-time employment to perform day-to-day optimization. If you’re also interested, a complete course on Google SEO and SERP will surely help you in the long run.

What’s in the Bundle?

The 11-course bundle takes a holistic approach to SEO that leverages multiple platforms. You’ll learn the basics of search engine optimization, increase your site’s leads and traffic through Google, YouTube, Amazon, and other search engines.

Google SEO and SERP training course

In this package, you’ll discover how to identify long-tail keywords, backlinking, doing keyword research, leverage local SEO, and learn how to strengthen the technical aspects of the website.

SEO Course for Beginners

A thorough understanding of all the technical jargon and elements of SEO. Know the difference between the short and long-tail keywords, generate keyword ideas for your website, and planning them beforehand. Learn what to avoid when creating content for your website and the basics of backlinks.

After getting the basics, there is an in-depth course on SEO that shows how to use tools like Ahref, Alexa, WordAI, Articleforge, and more. Understand how and when Google periodically updates search engine algorithm parameters. Then learn step-by-step about both on-page and off-page optimization.

YouTube Video SEO

Understand the technical jargon, search-engine optimization techniques for videos. You’ll learn how to use tools like Sitemaps, Layouts, and more to help you achieve the goals. Learn how to perform keyword research for video marketing, and optimize your videos effectively to promote your content, product, or service.

Advanced SEO

In this course, learn about some advanced SEO techniques to rank your content on top pages of Google search results. You’ll get a thorough understanding of how to keep an eye on competitors in link building, keyword research, site audit, tracking of bounce rate, visitors, and more.

You’ll learn how to use SEO tools to find low competition, high traffic optimized long-tail keywords list, understand how to use Ahref marketing tool, and discover some factors that might contribute to the SEO success.

Master Amazon Marketing SEO and Ads

It covers the techniques to sell products on Amazon by teaching you about Amazon SEO (how they’re different), recommendation algorithms, Amazon Ads, and optimizing your product listings. Also, understand how to create an Amazon ad campaign and dominate your product niche.

Build the SEO Optimized WordPress Website

In this course, learn how to streamline your WordPress website A-Z with step-by-step instructions. There’s an in-depth discussion on plugins you must use for WordPress and why.

SEO Should Be Your Long-Term Strategy

While there are many SEO courses, you should not get carried away with the technical aspects or learn everything right away.

Your focus should be getting basics right, content on a particular niche you like, and marketing distribution strategies.The deal is available for only $30.

How to Write SEO Friendly Content With Google Docs

Did you know that you could optimize your content for SEO with Google Docs? Use your writing skills and these top add-ons for SEO-friendly content.

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