Lady who aimed slurs at a Black girl in Norwich granted application

NORWICH – Notes of grace performed out within a Norwich courtroom on Wednesday when the target of hateful racial rhetoric opted for empathy and healing in an endeavor to steer her abuser on to a path to alter.

The proceedings, ostensibly for Norwich Remarkable Court Decide Nuala Droney to decide irrespective of whether to grant a supervisory diversionary application to Moosup resident Holly Chalifoux on a cost of third-diploma intimidation centered on bigotry or bias – which was ultimately granted –  instead evolved into a reckoning on the topics of race relations that have rivened the nation.

Chalifoux, then 22, was arrested in early June days soon after she taunted Marcela Lee even though the two were waiting in the drive-by means of lane of the Salem Turnpike Starbucks restaurant.

Assistant State’s Attorney Christa Baker summarized the situation for Droney whilst Lee sat on a rear courtroom bench and Chalifoux stood flanked by her legal professional, Jerome Paun.