Marion Community Foundation announces new scholarships

Marion Community Foundation

MARION – A scholarship fund made as a Christmas reward is a person of 10 new funds which will support Marion location learners this spring. The Elgin Superior Faculty Broader Horizons Scholarship was produced by household members of an appreciative Elgin alumna who desires to use this exceptional Christmas reward to assist and encourage the educational pursuits of students with “a purely natural curiosity about all facets of the world and who motivation to educate by themselves broadly.”

The Elgin Wider Horizons Scholarship acknowledges the quality education obtainable at Elgin Substantial University and, especially, teachers Eunice Waber, Max Griffith and Carroll Neidhardt. These college users, according to the fund creator who needs to stay anonymous, taught by instance that “education is not only important in getting ready and qualifying pupils to execute intriguing work that contributes to our communities, but that an unceasing drive to go after and integrate knowledge also expands and shades one’s private knowing of the arts, historical past, social establishments, and ourselves.” The scholarship supports graduating seniors of Elgin Substantial School with a grade stage typical of 3. or increased and who exhibit specific or extraordinary economical need.