Want to Understand WordPress? Learn to Build Sites, Optimize SEO, and More

Understanding the complexities of WordPress can lead to more traffic for your blog or business site.


WordPress powers a huge part of the web. Even at large sites with millions of viewers per month, WordPress is often used for content creation (just like here at MUO!).

But while the basics of WordPress are relatively straightforward, if you really want to push your site to the next level, you are going to need some additional knowledge.

For example, how can you optimize your SEO on WordPress? How can you make sure the site is using best practices from a security standpoint? And how can you leverage WordPress to increase your sales?

That’s what we aim to answer today. These six awesome WordPress courses will cover those topics and a whole lot more. If you’re interested, you can get access to all six for just $20.

The Best WordPress Courses

Here is a summary of the six WordPress courses that are included in today’s MUO reader deal. Between the six, you will have access to a massive 284 standalone lessons.

  1. How to Build an Awesome WordPress Website Fast: Often, you just want to get your idea online. You can worry about refining the look and the specific details later. This course looks at how to install WordPress, how to confgure WordPress, and how to build your first site (including background videos, gradient backgrounds, image galleries, contact forms, FAQs, custom made heades and footers, and more).
  2. Create a WordPress Website in 24 Hours or Less: The second course in the bundle has 23 lectures. It builds on many of themes introduced to you in the first course by discussing plugins, SEO optimization, selecting themes, and choosing the right hosting partner.
  3. WordPress: Build the Perfect SEO Optimized Website from A-Z: As the name suggests, the 46 lectures in this course focus exclusively on getting your site optimized for SEO purposes. The step-by-step instuctions explain how to build an optmized site from scratch, right through from when your first choose a domain to register.
  4. WordPress for Beginners: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide: Another beginner course, this one teaches you how to build and entire WordPress site that looks great, even if you have zero design experience. You will learn how to customize its appearance and add content that looks great, all without having to code a single thing.
  5. WordPress Security: Secure Your Site Against Hackers: Security is essential for all sites. Google will punish your site in the rankings if it detects your site could put visitors at risk. This course explains how to ensure that all the software on your site is up-to-date, how to block malicious IPs and requests, and how to protect a site with a cloud-based firewall.
  6. WordPress: Build Your Online Business: The final course in the bundle explains how you can effectively use WordPress to grow your customer base and sales, regardless of the niche in which your business operates. The 52 lectures cover topics such as hwo to add a shopping cart to your site and how to compete with your competitors’ SEO.

Buy These WordPress Courses Today

If you want to learn about WordPress, you can grab all six courses for just $20. Tha is a saving of more than 90 percent on the regular price of $254. Click the link and add the bundle to your cart to get started.

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