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Our Worldwide and China Smart Automobile Personalization Technologies Improvement Report, 2020 highlights the evaluation and summary of personalization standing of mainstream automobile manufacturers at household and overseas.

We select, analyze and summarize 19 standard car brands: Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Buick, Ford, Geely, SAIC, GAC, Changan Vehicle, Great Wall Motor, BYD, Chery, NIO, Xiaopeng Motors, and Weltmeister.

This report requires exterior interaction and lively advice features as examples to introduce certain personalized functions of an intelligent car.

The broader use of synthetic intelligence qualified prospects to a change in IVI assistance design from passive IVI service instructed by human to lively acquisition of info by IVI program and energetic suggestion to human. In foreseeable future, the at any time deeper fusion of IVI system and third-occasion provider program will come with far more experienced algorithms and more information amassed, acknowledging a provider design where extra capabilities can be engaged in an active way.

The very first is the advice element developed in tunes and audiobook software package. Open up the software package and suggestions will appear into sight, a common mode integrated into car program of most vehicle makes. For example, Kuwo Music for Audi cars and trucks delivers everyday, rating, Ximalaya FM, and substantial top quality content material tips BMW QQ Songs recommends day by day written content and new songs.

The next is the energetic speech-enabled recommendation according to user routines, tastes or scenarios, which is adopted by Mercedes-Benz, Buick, Ford, Geely, Terrific Wall Motor and BYD.

For instance, Buick judges what customers like based on scenarios and their patterns, and pushes this kind of as music Ford IVI method suggests music, radio and place of desire, and many others in accordance to consumer routines BYD IVI technique suggests courses in accordance to what the consumer normally tunes in, sends news for the duration of the commuting time, and pushes tracks and everyday living courses on weekends and vacations.

Parking suggestion

Parking suggestion refers to suggestion of numerous close by parking heaps accessible to the user by way of a pop-up window from the navigation map in the IVI process in advance of arrival at the desired destination, for example, SAIC’s IVI navigation process actively endorses 4 parking tons all-around the location Honda’s IVI navigation technique permits energetic pop-up of advisable parking tons when approaching the place.

Daily life services recommendation and reminder

Daily life provider advice and reminder aspect is gathering rate, and by written content is led by: basic safety, atmosphere, crucial party, behavior routine and choice reminders.

For case in point, SAIC’s Banma system actively recommends the route to the cinema as the person begins up the car within just two several hours just before the film begins with tickets purchased on Tao Piao Piao system, and also the playlist or music about the movie following the cinema lets out Alipay applet introduced into Xpeng IVI system will proactively ask whether or not the user requirements a breakfast reservation or not when the car detects he/she will go to perform.

Exterior interaction personalization

Exterior info interaction refers to display of these kinds of facts as car position (e.g., charging), Logo, welcoming and several prompts employing lamps, windows or exterior show equipment.

In Xpeng P7’s situation, the link involving lamp signal technique and audio method allows inside ambient lamps and exterior lights sets to flicker synchronously with musical rhythms.

Weltmeister interactive window projection: when the consumer receives shut to the car or truck with a phone in hand, he/she will be acknowledged by using Weltmeister ID, and the projector on the inside of of the exterior rearview mirror will challenge welcoming concept, remaining battery electricity, selection and other information on the window when the use receives off the car, others can interact with the car or truck as a result of the projection on the window which shows state of charge for case in point.

Vital Subjects Included:

1. Overview and Status Quo of Smart Motor vehicle Personalization

1.1 Definition and Research Scope of Intelligent Vehicle Personalization

1.2 Development Features of Smart Car or truck Personalization

1.3 Comparison of IVI Procedure Personalization in between Major OEMs

  • Topic & Interface
  • Ambient Lighting & Musical Light-weight Display
  • IVI Graphic & Speech
  • Inside Components Interaction, Custom made Button & Fragrance Process
  • Lively Suggestion
  • Active Reminder
  • IVI System & Many others
  • Intelligent Equipment, Headlights & Exterior Interaction

2. Personalization of Luxury Model OEMs

2.1 Overview

2.2 Audi

2.2.1 Mass-made Automobile IVI Method and Personalization Overview

2.2.2 Personalization Facts of Mass-manufactured Motor vehicle IVI Process

2.2.3 Idea Automobile

2.3 BMW

2.4 Mercedes-Benz

3. Personalization of Joint-enterprise Brand name OEMs

3.1 Overview

3.2 Volkswagen Mass-generated Car IVI Program and Personalization Overview

3.2.1 Personalization Information of FAW-Volkswagen’s Mass-manufactured Car or truck IVI System

3.2.2 Personalization Information of SAIC Volkswagen’s Mass-produced Vehicle IVI Program

3.2.3 Personalization Information of Sensible Products for SAIC Volkswagen’s Mass-made Autos

3.2.4 Personalization Particulars of Exterior Conversation for SAIC Volkswagen’s Mass-developed Automobiles

3.2.5 Volkswagen Idea Car or truck

3.3 Toyota

3.4 Honda

3.5 Nissan

3.6 Buick

3.7 Ford

4. Personalization of Chinese Brand name OEMs

4.1 Overview

4.2 Geely

4.3 SAIC

4.4 GAC

4.5 Changan Automobile

4.6 Good Wall Motor

4.7 BYD

4.8 Chery

5. Personalization of Emerging Auto Manufacturers

3.1 Overview

5.2 NIO

5.2.1 Mass-generated Vehicle IVI Procedure and Personalization Overview

5.2.2 Personalization Information of Mass-developed Auto IVI Program

5.2.3 Personalization Specifics of Mass-developed Motor vehicle Headlamps

5.2.4 Idea Car

5.3 Xiaopeng Motors

5.4 Weltmeister

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