Condition appears to be like to start off its possess health information and facts exchange to share information, not choose Tulsa nonprofit’s consumers | Condition and Regional News

“I hope in this complete exercising that there isn’t a character of discrediting MyHealth,” Kimble claimed. “I consider MyHealth is a wholly respectable system, and they have a remarkable leader. It just was not a match for what we required to obtain.”

Kimble described an case in point of what the point out is trying to deal with.

An Oklahoma Health and fitness Treatment Authority circumstance supervisor tackling a elaborate case will have to question personal, unconnected methods to attain a human services situation file, behavioral overall health evaluation and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance System documentation for a single individual.

“Effectively correct now they have to go separately to every single of those techniques and ping those people devices, some of which however to this working day take guide interaction — proficiently a mobile phone connect with or an e-mail saying, ‘Hey, I’m wanting for this record on this individual and here’s why,’” Kimble reported.

Dr. David Kendrick, founder and CEO of MyHealth, claimed the state is requiring that all doctors and hospitals accepting Medicaid hook up to the state’s HIE.

Kendrick stated he has verbal but not composed affirmation that present service provider connections to MyHealth will fulfill that prerequisite. Nevertheless, he reported, suppliers want confirmation in writing for contracts, or they will be remaining in limbo.

“It’s that sort of kind of unanswered question that — intentional or not — undermines MyHealth’s capacity to exist,” Kendrick explained, acknowledging that element of the cause for the lack of prepared affirmation might be the ongoing challenge to the bid award.