Genuine Email Messages Miscategorized as Spam: IT Doing work to Handle Hottest Concerns and Ways You Can Choose Today | Business office of News & Media Relations

Customers of the campus community report an increased number of legitimate emails miscategorized as spam and UMass Amherst Info Technological know-how (IT) is addressing the issue with urgency. 

An oblique consequence of the pandemic, the general volume of email messages has skyrocketed in the previous year while students, school, and staff rely more on electronic mail for significant, time-sensitive communications. 

Spam filtering services are also becoming more subtle in reaction to evolving strategies from known and new spammers. Google and Microsoft, UMass Amherst’s e-mail support companies, maintain multi-tiered, proprietary spam filtering that often adjusts to private preferences and usage styles. 

In this complex atmosphere, UMass Amherst IT is examining a vary of complex solutions to optimize electronic mail deliverability on campus. Our aim is to reduce information safety risks while mitigating the situation of legitimate emails erroneously placed in spam folders.

While the technical review is underway, users of the campus neighborhood can use a new set of instructions to manage email filters and steer clear of missing messages. UMass Amherst IT recommends that you:   

  • Check out your junk email folder regularly.
  • Mark critical or miscategorized emails as not junk. This alerts spam filtering algorithms and ensures that similar messages and senders will be sorted the right way.
  • Add the junk email folder to your favorites to far more quickly see new messages that have been categorized as junk.  

Get in touch with IT user services at [email protected] or 413-545-TECH (8324) with inquiries.