Global Smart Luggage Market to 2026 by Technology (Connectivity, Sim Card and USB Charging), Connectivity (Wi-Fi, GPS, RFID and Bluetooth), & Application (Real-Time Tracking, Proximity Sensors) –

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Global Smart Luggage Market By Technology (Connectivity, Sim Card and USB Charging), By Connectivity (Wi-Fi, GPS, RFID and Bluetooth), By Application (Real-Time Tracking, Proximity Sensors, and Others), By Region, By Company, Competition, Forecast & Opportunities, 2026” report has been added to’s offering.

The Global Smart Luggage Market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of over 8% during the forecast period, due to the increase in travelling for leisure or business and technological innovations in the baggage segment.

Moreover, increasing proliferation of internet of things and additional features, such as Bluetooth charging, GPS and electronic locks, are further propelling the growth of the market. In terms of connectivity, RFID is likely to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period on account of existing infrastructure for the scanning of RFID tags at the airports.

Based on the application, the Global Smart Luggage Market has been segmented into real-time tracking, proximity sensors, remote locking, digital scaling & others. The real-time application and remote locking segments are expected to grow at the highest rate during the forecast period owing to the rising cases of luggage misplacement by the airlines.

Regionally, North America dominated the smart luggage market in 2020 and the trend is likely to continue in the future on account of high adoption of technology advanced products and presence of manufacturing companies in the region.

The demand for smart luggage is increasing in Asia Pacific and the region is anticipated to register the highest CAGR until 2026, on account of surging footfall and increasing air traffic.

Some of the leading players in the Global Smart Luggage Market are Barracuda, Inc., Samsonite IP Holdings S.AR.L, Horizn Studios GmbH, TraxPack LLC, Modobag, Delsey S.A., Planet Traveler USA, Away Com INC, Neit Products Ltd, RIMOWA GmbH & Co Distribution KG, etc.

Years considered for this report:

  • Historical Years: 2016-2019
  • Base Year: 2020
  • Estimated Year: 2021
  • Forecast Period: 2022-2026

Key Topics Covered:

1. Product Overview

2. Research Methodology

3. Impact of COVID-19 on Global Smart Luggage Market

4. Executive Summary

5. Voice of Customer

5.1. Product Pricing

5.2. Factors Influencing Purchase Decision

5.3. Challenges/Issues Faced Post Purchase

6. Global Smart Luggage Market Overview

7. Global Smart Luggage Market Outlook

7.1. Market Size & Forecast

7.1.1. By Value

7.2. Market Share & Forecast

7.2.1. By Technology (Connectivity, Sim Card, USB Charging)

7.2.2. By Connectivity (Wi-Fi, GPS, RFID and Bluetooth)

7.2.3. By Application (Real-Time Tracking, Proximity Sensors, Remote Locking, Digital Scaling & Others)

7.2.4. By Company

7.2.5. By Region

7.2.6. Market Attractiveness Index

8. Asia-Pacific Smart Luggage Market Outlook

8.1. Market Size & Forecast

8.1.1. By Value

8.2. Market Share & Forecast

8.2.1. By Technology

8.2.2. By Connectivity

8.2.3. By Country

8.3. Market Attractiveness Index

8.4. Asia-Pacific: Country Analysis

8.4.1. China Smart Luggage Market Outlook

8.4.2. India Smart Luggage Market Outlook

8.4.3. Japan Smart Luggage Market Outlook

8.4.4. South Korea Smart Luggage Market Outlook

8.4.5. Australia Smart Luggage Market Outlook

8.4.6. New Zealand Smart Luggage Market Outlook

9. Europe Smart Luggage Market Outlook

9.1. Market Size & Forecast

9.1.1. By Value

9.2. Market Share & Forecast

9.2.1. By Technology

9.2.2. By Connectivity

9.2.3. By Country

9.3. Market Attractiveness Index

9.4. Europe: Country Analysis

9.4.1. France Smart Luggage Market Outlook

9.4.2. Germany Smart Luggage Market Outlook

9.4.3. United Kingdom Smart Luggage Market Outlook

9.4.4. Italy Smart Luggage Market Outlook

9.4.5. Spain Smart Luggage Market Outlook

9.4.6. Russia Smart Luggage Market Outlook

9.4.7. Poland Smart Luggage Market Outlook

9.4.8. Netherlands Smart Luggage Market Outlook

10. North America Smart Luggage Market Outlook

10.1. Market Size & Forecast

10.1.1. By Value

10.2. Market Share & Forecast

10.2.1. By Technology

10.2.2. By Connectivity

10.2.3. By Country

10.3. Market Attractiveness Index

10.4. North America: Country Analysis

10.4.1. United States Smart Luggage Market Outlook

10.4.2. Mexico Smart Luggage Market Outlook

10.4.3. Canada Smart Luggage Market Outlook

11. South America Smart Luggage Market Outlook

11.1. Market Size & Forecast

11.1.1. By Value

11.2. Market Share & Forecast

11.2.1. By Technology

11.2.2. By Connectivity

11.2.3. By Country

11.3. Market Attractiveness Index

11.4. South America: Country Analysis

11.4.1. Brazil Smart Luggage Market Outlook

11.4.2. Argentina Smart Luggage Market Outlook

11.4.3. Colombia Smart Luggage Market Outlook

11.4.4. Chile Smart Luggage Market Outlook

12. Middle East and Africa Smart Luggage Market Outlook

12.1. Market Size & Forecast

12.1.1. By Value

12.2. Market Share & Forecast

12.2.1. By Technology

12.2.2. By Connectivity

12.2.3. By Country

12.3. Market Attractiveness Index

12.4. MEA: Country Analysis

12.4.1. South Africa Smart Luggage Market Outlook

12.4.2. Saudi Arabia Smart Luggage Market Outlook

12.4.3. UAE Smart Luggage Market Outlook

13. Market Dynamics

13.1. Drivers

13.2. Challenges

13.3. Opportunities

14. Market Trends & Developments

15. Competitive Landscape

15.1. Competition Outlook

15.2. Company Profiles (Leading Companies)

15.2.1. Barracuda, Inc.

15.2.2. Samsonite IP Holdings S.AR.L

15.2.3. Horizn Studios GmbH

15.2.4. TraxPack LLC

15.2.5. Modobag

15.2.6. Delsey S.A.

15.2.7. Planet Traveler USA

15.2.8. Away Com INC

15.2.9. Neit Products Ltd

15.2.10. RIMOWA GmbH & Co Distribution KG

16. Strategic Recommendations

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