Google’s Not Fooled By Bogus Lighthouse Scores

Google’s John Mueller tells SEOs that fake Lighthouse scores will not support internet sites rank

Google’s John Mueller tells SEOs that fake Lighthouse scores will not support internet sites rank any bigger in research benefits.

For organization proprietors, be weary of everyone promoting a support that promises to increase your Website positioning by tricking Lighthouse.

Mueller addressed this on Twitter soon after a Shopify efficiency engineer named Colin Bendell introduced focus to the concern.

From the seems of it, it’s possible Shopify partners are providing “SEO boosters” that declare to enhance rankings by dishonest Lighthouse.

In addition to not position any larger in lookup effects, the Shopify engineer warns of penalties for marketing these types of a support.

“It tends to make me offended when I see devs deliberately selling snake oil to entrepreneurs

Allow me be very clear: Any Shopify lover selling “SEO boosters” that cheat lighthouse scores and harm the purchaser expertise is violating the AUP&PPP. There will be effects

You have been warned”

In a prior tweet he demonstrates an example of how developers are striving to idiot Google with fake Lighthouse scores.


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This code directs the web-site to acknowledge when Lighthouse is working a check on it.

If the ‘userAgent’ detects ‘Chrome-Lighthouse’ then ‘document.compose()’ is triggered. This wipes the web page that just loaded and begins crafting one thing new.

As a final result, Lighthouse does not get an exact examining of the website’s score, which is believed to have a optimistic effect on Web optimization. Presumably mainly because it disguises poor scores.

I arrived at out to Mr. Bendell for even further perception into why the use of ‘document.write()’ is a undesirable apply. He tells me:

“It forces the browser to halt all activity and inject the website page with the content. As a end result the browser just cannot go on to search forward at the web site to see if it demands to load other pictures or javascript mainly because it could radically change based on what the document.create() does.

… the use of document.produce() obfuscates its contents and is a widespread way for nefarious code to be injected.

The situation is that the if ailment (if window.navigator.userAgent !== Lighthouse) in essence omits all the scripts and css and other litter. It can make the webpage truly rapid for lighthouse.”


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While Lighthouse may possibly imagine it’s testing a super rapid site, Google will not be swayed. Here’s what Mueller has to say about this tactic.

Google’s John Mueller on Faux Lighthouse Scores

Whether or not legitimate or fabricated, Lighthouse scores are not used by Google to rank webpages.

In reality, user-agent cloaking may perhaps lead to a unfavorable effect on Web optimization mainly because it helps prevent you from finding the real issues on your website.

Mueller suggests:

“Lighthouse scores do not have an effect on Google Research.

Carrying out this kind of consumer-agent cloaking is a terrible notion – you’re just deceiving your self. It will make completely no feeling, and prevents you from acquiring genuine problems. If you run across a plugin that does this, report it to the CMS.”

Lighthouse is intended to be utilized as a developer resource. The scores it generates are centered on lab knowledge, which is why it has no affect on search.

When seeking at ranking elements such as website page pace and core web vitals, Google evaluates them utilizing industry info.

Discipline details is gathered from true customers, versus lab knowledge which is produced by means of a managed exam.

Google prefers to use discipline details due to the fact it’s a a lot more precise reflection of the user experience.

Lighthouse scores are irrelevant to Google, but they can enable with figuring out and fixing Search engine marketing concerns.

On the other hand, which is only genuine if the site can be analyzed correctly, which is not achievable with user agent cloaking in place.

Tricking Lighthouse Prospects to Even worse Seo

Shopify’s Bendell adds that this method might load web pages rapidly for Lighthouse, but precise people will working experience even worse general performance:

“… the code snippets I shared in the tweet are building matters a lot quicker for lighthouse, but ironically, building issues slower for authentic people. And considering that Search engine optimisation is primarily based on serious human efficiency (using CrUX knowledge), the irony is that the so-referred to as speed up is earning the human experience slower and hence reducing your Search engine optimization.”

Google warned developers in opposition to the use of doc.compose() back in 2016, detailing the damaging impact it has on web page effectiveness:


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“… scripts dynamically injected by means of document.compose() can hold off the exhibit of key web site information for tens of seconds, or cause webpages to possibly fall short to load or acquire so very long that the person just offers up.”

The important takeaway right here is really do not try to trick Lighthouse and never get taken by any person making an attempt to sell this to you as a services.

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