Is Various Domains Pointing to One Website Excellent for Seo?

This week’s Question An Web optimization issue arrives to us from Ellis in “Parts Unfamiliar.”

This week’s Question An Web optimization issue arrives to us from Ellis in “Parts Unfamiliar.” Ellis asks:

“I would like your belief on getting many domains issue to one particular site, and no matter whether its hazardous or effective from an Seo and Google viewpoint. I have a shopper who is adamant they want 10 unique domains all pointing to 1 web-site and we are curious about the results.”

As often, the solution to this Seo problem is a definitive “it depends.”

Initially, let us determine the scenario and explain some issues.

When you say “point numerous domains to 1 web page,” I’m heading to suppose you signify “301 or some other form of redirect from the more domains to the client’s site.”

And you do not imply “have the client’s website resolve for all of these domains.”

I can inform you now, owning one particular “website” remedy to various domains just generates multiple web sites of duplicate content material and that is completely not beneficial for Search engine optimisation and/or Google.


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When to Redirect Other Domains to Your Most important Area

So, assuming we’re chatting about redirecting these other domains to the client’s most important domain…

The very first issues we need to have to remedy in this scenario are:

  • Where by did these domains come from in the 1st place?
  • Has this client always experienced them (as in, were they the primary registrant)?
  • Have these domains ever had a web site of “their own” (or do they now have their very own content material/web site)?

If any of the domains have ever been standalone internet sites (that is, with their very own information) or if they were run by folks other than your consumer, you are heading to want to check up on the historical past of each individual of the domains.

You’ll want to pull a historical backlink profile going back as considerably as you can, and you will want a refreshing backlink profile for just about every area, as nicely.

In the backlink profiles, appear for things like backlinks of questionable origin.

Did the prior use of the domain require purchasing back links or are there naughty/unwanted one way links?


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The final matter you want to do is 301 a area with countless numbers of spam or porn inbound links to a client’s flawlessly very good (wholesome) domain.

If the domains have any kind of footprint that signifies there ended up nefarious routines in the previous, I would not consider 301 redirecting the domains to the client’s active area.

Having said that, if the domains in query could possibly have type-in value, you could 302 redirect them to the consumer site.

You are also heading to have to have to check Google to see if there are any actively ranking pages on each and every of the domains.

If there are, is that content material directly analogous to your client’s existing material?

There is no worth in redirecting a domain that ranks for conditions associated to poodles to a internet site that is made up of written content about utilized vehicles (or just about anything similar… if the content material is not the similar, there is no price in the redirect).

A extended, long time ago, I acquired a immediate competitor’s domain and 301 redirected most of their internet pages to internet pages of mine that contained basically the exact same information.

This meant that the end users continue to found specifically what they were being hunting for, albeit on my site and not the competitor’s.

And all of the substantial-price one-way links that had been pointing at the competitor’s website now 301 redirected to mine (and brought with them the value linked with the one-way links).

Similar to this, if there are rankings on Google for any of the domains and clicking on (or trying to click on) any of all those effects triggers any sort of malware or destructive articles warning, do not redirect that domain to your client’s web site.

If it seems like there is written content on the domain, but it does not look like what you or your shopper believes ought to be there (e.g., it’s a web site that offers puppies for adoption, but all of the SERPs appear like it’s a custom football jersey website), the present area/internet site is most likely hacked.

If it’s a hacked web site, you could be in a position to use it but you will want to obliterate the entire file process and any databases connected to the website.


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I’d probably transfer the internet hosting atmosphere in any case, and I would only go to this exertion if there are other noticeably important features involved with the area (like incredible inbound links, or right linked content material/final results).


Do Not Have the Client’s Web page Merely Resolve for (Response To) Many Domains

You can redirect the other domains to the client’s main domain/web page, but do not generate X quantity of identical material web sites.

That is certainly terrible.

No “it is dependent.”

It’s terrible.

Do Because of Diligence on the Domains the Shopper Desires You to Redirect to Their Website

  • Backlink historical past: Is it thoroughly clean? Something very good there? Everything frightening? If it seems to be like the web site was “undesirable” in a earlier life, take into account not redirecting it to the client’s site.
  • Prior material: Is it directly connected (analogous) to your client’s present site? If it’s not straight associated, there is in all probability no worth there.
  • Any proof of the domains becoming hacked or compromised in the previous (or at the moment!)? If of course, do not redirect!

Is There Variety-In Value for Any of the Domains in Concern?

If an in any other case undesirable area (because of any of the above explanations) has incredible variety-in probable, you can continue to do the redirect.


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But assure that you do not pass price.

So any variety of redirect that is recognized to not go value will function – but nevertheless do not have the client’s web-site just answer to this other domain.

That is even now making a duplicate content internet site and it is even now pretty terrible.

Now, if this is just a situation of the consumer acquiring registered a bunch of similar domains, or similar identify different TLD domains, there is not an absolute require or motive to level these at the client’s internet site.

The customer can nevertheless sit on them without the need of a internet site attached just to avoid other men and women from registering/using the identical domains.

In closing, there may well be worth in this method, but it fully relies upon on the pool of domains you are hunting at and how they relate to your client’s content material.

It’s not a slam dunk in any route.

Be considerate about the determination with the earlier mentioned direction in head, and I’m absolutely sure your consumer will profit.


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