Leverage PitchBook’s world-wide patent facts to acquire insight on companies’ IP and tech traits

As far more money shifts into the private markets, the prominence of mental property in global finance is expanding. Investors and providers will need entry to as lots of datasets as they can get in order to properly estimate their following actions in a competitive, likely lucrative space.

Patents are a person of all those vital datasets—crucial for assessing a company’s worth, getting new tech traits and monitoring the opposition. With PitchBook’s latest dataset, thousands and thousands of verified patents from all-around the world are at our customers’ fingertips. Compared to publicly readily available data, PitchBook’s expansive patent details is unique. It is accurate, and it is equipped to be sorted, shared and acted on in an fast. 

Far better have an understanding of a company’s worth

With accessibility to data on a company’s mental home, PitchBook customers can far more completely have an understanding of what a enterprise does. IP particulars in hand, our customers can immediately discern what technological advancements a business is invested in and thus ensure what forms of systems are crucial to its leadership. This intelligence is significant for any individual hoping to accurately assess a company’s aggressive positioning and forward-searching tactic. 

In addition to providing a deeper level of firm perception, PitchBook’s patent details will save our purchasers time—a resource that is frequently in shorter offer. No more fruitless search engine queries that internet shaky sources and unsubstantiated info. With PitchBook, pertinent aspects on tens of millions of world-wide patents across countless numbers of organization profiles are easily accessible—all confirmed by the world’s big patent authorities and built-in into our system through a partnership with IFI Promises. Our patents dataset is uncomplicated to kind and filter, and documentation is just a click on away.

Examine engineering traits and companies running in any place

When you are in pattern discovery method, patent details can support you make a extra robust knowing of any space and the technologies being invested in in just it. How? By supplying particulars on the real mechanics that underpin every single merchandise or support. That level of specificity is only offered in a patent.
PitchBook consumers can use insights gleaned from patents to conduct analysis into a new place, as properly as discover in which they might be in a position to introduce an special, patentable products or engineering. Along with our Emerging Technological know-how Investigate stories, Emerging Areas characteristic and current market dimensions estimates operation, the recently integrated patents info extends past economical details. These new toolsets make PitchBook the go-to source for understanding new technologies and the broader context of the newest tech tendencies.

Watch competitors and confidently infer their procedures

Collecting significant facts on your competition is a tough task—yet performing so is very helpful for any firm’s base line. These days, quite a few teams depend on Google to surface area facts about competitors’ IP and possible following methods. This signifies substantial time, money and electricity are currently being used to scroll as a result of internet pages of benefits that may possibly not be valuable or accurate. 

With this new dataset, PitchBook is building it less complicated than ever to come across aggregated, responsible patent information that can be leveraged to infer your competitor’s up coming go. Just pull up a competitor’s corporation profile in the system and instantly check out all of their active, pending and expired patents. Obtain the listing to an Excel spreadsheet—or superior yet, share it with other PitchBook people on your crew using our collaborative Workspaces characteristic. When you will need to existing the intel you’ve uncovered, you can do so with full self-confidence in the precision of what you’re placing forward.

Patents FAQ

What are patents?
In accordance to the US Patent and Trademark Place of work, patents are assets legal rights granted by the US govt to an inventor to exclude other individuals from generating, employing, providing for sale or providing the creation all through the US or importing the creation into the US for a confined time. Patents are issued in exchange for community disclosure of the invention when the patent is granted. 

How can I notify if a patent is precious?
A patent is only useful if it is licensed, vetted and valued by other people. Citations are a excellent indicator of price. If your technology is spinoff to a previously filed engineering, the patent officer will cite the former patent. More citations indicates far more a important, foundational technology, and that info is obtainable in a sortable structure in our platform. You can see associated corporations for possible acquirers or competition, as perfectly.

Can substantial businesses obtain patents or providers with patents and then presume people patents?
Of course, there are a number of ways patent ownership can alter fingers. 

How can patents be applied in aggregate to fully grasp know-how developments?
Use CPC codes and keywords and phrases to lookup for patents in mixture inside of the platform’s Companies & Offers website page. Added matters and themes from the patent descriptions—outside of the CPC code—will be out there for layering onto your queries.

What’s the lag time concerning when a patent is issued and when it gets to be obtainable in the PitchBook Platform?
PitchBook has pending patents in its platform. It normally takes two several years among filing a patent and getting that patent granted by the US Patent and Trademark Business, as there are lots of checks and worries during the system’s “patent pending” process. 

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