Riot And Bungie Team Up In New Lawsuit Against Cheating Software Developer For Valorant And Destiny 2

Riot Games and Bungie Inc have recently teamed up to file a lawsuit against GatorCheats, accusing the developer and its owner Cameron Santos of making “tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars” by selling cheats for Valorant and Destiny 2, respectively. The complaint was submitted to the Central District of California court last week.


According to both companies, GatorCheats and Santos earn their profit by charging users with subscription-based fees for using its cheating services. Specifically;  $90USD a month, $250 for three months, or $500 USD for lifetime access. The software is said to be distributed via the developer’s website, email, and even private messaging platforms such as Telegram and Discord.

Riot and Bungie explains that the cheating software provide its users abilities such as  accurate auto-aiming, hacks that reveal other player locations in a map or level, and many other underhanded and unfair features. Both companies added that the application is specifically designed to go undetected by their respective anti-cheat technology systems.

The companies said that damages “may amount to millions of dollars” in harm caused to the companies by the cheating software. Both Riot and Bungie are hoping that the court will be able to shut down GatoCheats’ operation in order to provide Valorant and Destiny 2 players an enjoyable and fair gaming experience without any form of gameplay manipulation by cheaters.

This also marks as the second time that Bungie Inc has taken action against the company. GatorCheats was previously issued a cease and desist order from the Destiny 2 developer, but was ignored entirely – as made apparent by the current lawsuit.

(Source: Polygon, EuroGamer)