The average web salary of a Serbian computer software developer is 1,225 euro

In accordance to the main site for hiring IT gurus in Serbia,, the average web wage of a Serbian application developer is 1,225 euro. The maximum-paid out place is Computer software Engineer with the quantity of 7,500 euro web, paid out out in Belgrade. The analysis was executed from July 2020 to February 2021.

Wage in the IT field relies upon on a number of components. Seniority, i.e. years of relevant practical experience, will come first, so the regular salary of a senior programmer is 1,724 euro, 1,144 euro with an regular practical experience and 736 euro of a junior programmer.

In addition to seniority, wage also is dependent on the programmer/software program developer’s expertise of programming languages. Hence, the top 5 best-paid out positions in the IT sector are:

Complex Direct with an ordinary salary of 2,520 euro

Shipping and delivery Manager with an regular wage of 2,300 euro

Answer Architect with an regular salary of 2,258 euro

Computer software Architect with an normal salary of 2,244 euro

Chief Technologies Officer (CTO) with an regular income of 2,029 euro

Earlier investigate has revealed that for the duration of 2020, businesses had been more searching for builders who understood the adhering to – JavaScript, Java, Internet, PHP, Python, C# and C++.

In addition to the programmer’s understanding, the city in which the corporation is primarily based also issues. So, the ordinary salaries for every city are – Belgrade with an normal of 1,664 euro, Novi Sad 1,104 euro, Niš 1,229 euro, Subotica 831 euro and Kragujevac with 1,196 euro.

The most rewarding positions in the IT industry, per area, are:

  • in Belgrade, it is a Software package Engineer with a internet wage of 7.500 euro
  • in Novi Sad, Software package Developer and IT manager with a web wage of 3,000 euro
  • in Niš, is the place of Technical Direct and a internet salary of 3,500 euro
  • in Subotica, Computer software Architect with a web wage of 1,700 euro
  • in Kragujevac, is the Chief Know-how Officer (CTO) with a net wage of 2,800 euro

(, 09.03.2021)

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