Webingo records 7 figures turnover under mindful eye of Rishav Sadhu & Subham Raj Sharma

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technology are a boon to the developing market?
Advanced Technology is without a doubt the best thing that has happened to society. People in India have started adopting IT very rapidly and we can observe the same amongst the people of our likes as well. The cashless payment methods are a very good example of the rising aspect of digitization. People have grown to become more interested in launching their brands and leave a mark in the digital world accounting to good business development.
3)      Post-pandemic, what emerging trends are you anticipating that will lead to a boom in your country?
We are envisioning that the adaptive methods of marketing and digitization will take over the industry giving it a new outlook. Being an IT company we were already relying on digital products for all the services ranging from marketing to operations. We are surely going to revamp our own ways of working according to how these trends take hold of the continuously evolving domain. We are also planning to shift a complete work from home model and a different marketing option to balance sales figures of the company simultaneously.
4)      What is the one thing that drives you both to do better than before with each passing day?
When we started we had merely INR 500 in our pocket and obviously did not know what the future had in store for us and our firm. From that to a seven figures turnover we have come a long way making a great difference each passing day. We work on improving ourselves each and every day. We make sure that it is an important part of our daily routine to sit for a discussion and plan out the mistakes we have made during the day and rework on them. It drives us to implement and continue the zeal of #RuknaManaHai. We aim to keep working hard and smart and groom ourselves in a way that is destined to touch horizons.
5)      How does it feel to be one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the country? What all roadblocks did you cross to reach here?

To be very honest we never actually thought of having such titles. Yes, though we have to acknowledge that it motivates us to work even harder. During the early stages of life, who thinks that they will one day be graced with the title of the youngest entrepreneur of the country. I always dreamt of being in ‘Forbes under 30’ like a child always dreams of touching the stars once, and it really helps me to reach new heights. The path definitely was never easy in fact the size of barriers we faced were always bigger than the previous one. Yet a zeal as I said previously, working on the principle of ‘RuknaManaHai’ keeps us bound to our path and focused on our goal.
6)      Webingo is acing all IT Services right now, what domains do you plan on mastering on the way?
Webingo is surely taking the shape of a brand which we wanted to have. We have already stepped into Legal platform www.legalwazir.com along with the IT industry more information about which will soon be disclosed. Our photography project ‘Shootisfy’ is another of our precious verticals that we will try to make it a unicorn company.
Businesses have realized that to succeed in this tech-savvy generation, they need to establish their online presence, that too, an outstanding one. Webingo in place assists brands and business owners to reach these goals with a result oriented approach.

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