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Why ITES-SW2 is the essential to promoting software to the Military

If you now offer (or want to market) to the Army and your products are not on the Information Know-how Company Methods – Program 2 deal, you might be missing an essential part of the procedure.

It is believed that approximately 3% of DOD IT deal spending in fiscal 2020 flowed by means of an ITES contract. Whilst this may perhaps audio like a modest share, when you are chatting about $54.7 billion of DOD’s IT spending, 3% interprets to about $1.64 billion. The Military anticipates that this spending will continue to raise about the following pair of a long time.

The ITES-SW2 contract is component of the Army’s Personal computer Hardware, Business Software program and Solutions (CHESS) software. This software was established by the Army’s System Govt Business for Company Info Techniques. It is a obligatory resource for commercial IT components and software purchases. To fully grasp the ITES-SW2 deal, it’s important to first comprehend much more about CHESS.

Why CHESS matters

To ensure Army readiness as effectively as network and knowledge stability and accessibility, the CHESS program was designed to present adaptable contracts that allow govt customers to satisfy their critical necessities. It also enables marketplace associates to supply cutting edge technologies to the Army. 

The CHESS program’s mission is to be the most important supply to “support the Warfighter’s Info Dominance Objectives” by producing, implementing and handling commercial IT contracts that provide “enterprise-broad net-centric components, computer software and supporting companies to the Army.” 

CHESS contracts deliver IT merchandise and products and services that comply with U.S. Army Network Business Technology Command, Army and DOD plan and criteria. In accordance to the Military Federal Acquisition Regulation Nutritional supplement, Military purchasers of business hardware and computer software need to fulfill their IT specifications by making use of CHESS contracts very first, irrespective of dollar value or money appropriation (See AFARS 5139.101-90).

In addition, purchasers of IT needs for the Army through a 3rd celebration – such as a procedure integrator – should also ensure that solicitations and deal autos incorporate the prerequisite to purchase through the CHESS decide on agreements. To purchase outside of the CHESS plan, the Army purchaser need to look for an exception to the AFARS regulation by getting granted distinctive permission, and by heading through both a formal request and waiver approach. This makes additional perform for your Army customer, inserting more cycles into the acquisition and procurement procedures and introducing possibility and delay into your Army prospect.

With all that history, why is the ITES-SW2 deal so significant? 

ITES-SW2: Increasing program for a improved acquisition system

ITES-SW2 is a organization fixed selling price ID/IQ contract motor vehicle for program items and upkeep (with associated incidental hardware and products and services). It is a comply with-on to the original ITES-SW deal awarded in 2015. 

With a $13 billion deal ceiling, the new ITES-SW2 contract was awarded in August 2020 with a 5-year base and an alternative for an further five-yr period. The agreement comes out of Army’s PEO EIS under its Business Services Mission Location. It is concentrated on improving upon software advancement to velocity up the acquisition method by making use of professional-off-the-shelf products and solutions and agile techniques to program enhancement.

Regardless of becoming utilized mainly by the Army, the ITES-SW2 agreement is in fact open to all DOD and federal businesses. Offered that there is no price to use this agreement, purchasing is decentralized. The ordering contracting officer is responsible for requesting, getting and evaluating proposals/rates and for obligating cash for shipping and delivery orders issued, utilizing the CHESS e-commerce portal, IT E-mart. This satisfies the Army customer’s competitors specifications creating this agreement a clear-cut and economical vehicle possibility for Army consumers. 

By means of the ITES-SW2 agreement, software program categories elevated from four in the prior agreement to 14 currently – supplying producers, resellers and associates more opportunities to supply their solutions to their government shoppers. 

In addition to giving a no-fee, versatile procurement choice for your govt shoppers, the ITES-SW2 agreement also will allow for fast turnaround times to add new solutions to the agreement. That is due to the fact merchandise teams (fairly than personal items) are authorised, and pricing is set at the prospect (relatively than the catalog) degree. 

This indicates your govt clients can have accessibility to your most recent technologies in a issue of times, instead of the month-long wait around occasions we see with other deal motor vehicles.

If you market to the Military, the ITES-SW2 necessary source agreement checks all the boxes for a no-charge car with rapid item additions that fulfill company level of competition specifications, aiding you limit chance, shorten your profits cycle, and provide your possibility to closure. 

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