An Insight in Deepak Kharbanda’s Information Technology Career

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Irvine, California May 24, 2021 ( – Deepak Kharbanda is a technical expert and holds

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Irvine, California May 24, 2021 ( – Deepak Kharbanda is a technical expert and holds experience in various fields. Working in this field for more than 15 years, he achieved several different goals. He gained expertise in the field of vendor management and trained himself in mobile technologies and web development. Completing his master’s in computer science from the University of Colorado Boulder, today he is working as a director at Cradlepoint. Known for his excellent achieved results, today every software company wants to work with him.

With the advancement in technology, more opportunities are increasing the different industries across the globe. With the enhanced use of resources, there has been better utilization of the resources, and the same does apply to Information Technology. Today, there are numerous opportunities in this field, and grabbing them in the first go is what Deepak Kharbanda did. By handling complicated IT operations, he made himself a brand name in this sector.

After working for several years in the same company, he decided and switched his company to start a career as a Project Coordinator. Here, in this role, he was responsible for managing the quality software and developing different applications. After gaining experience as a Project Coordinator, he started mentoring software development teams to increase productivity. He spent a good time learning the skills of a Project Manager.

Today, Deepak Kharbanda Irvine possesses amazing skills in vendor management. Vendor management is a field in which a company or an organization takes desired steps to reduce the potential risks and control the overall costs. Dedicated towards his work, he makes sure that the selected sources are of the best quality and the work could be well maintained. Not only the product quality, he believes in managing healthy relationships with the vendor companies and keep them maintained for the long term.

Being in Information Technology, Deepak is always eager to find more sustainable and effective solutions to increase his productivity. He is evaluating the performance of sources by taking the help of organizational standards. He believes that better vendor management leads to effective control management and he works on these basics.  Before starting any project, he makes sure that he researched enough about it and gathers all the relevant information.

In addition to all this, he holds great skills and knowledge in project management. Focusing on the quality, he uses different methods and techniques to make sure he gets the desired results. Not only different methods, he genuinely believes in learning new skills and explore various resources. Increasing productivity, he believes in a coordinating team that works together towards a goal, and to ensure this his team is working as a whole.

Information Technology has so much to offer, but the ones who are willing to learn will only receive success. Deepak Kharbanda is definitely one such name who grabbed the chance to grow in this field. Today even being a director at Cradlepoint, he is still working on his skills and trying to improve them. Being an inspiration for many newcomers in the IT field, he is one of the most knowledgeable technical experts.