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A great break ‘away’ from work and a surefire way to get you excited and spilling over with ideas to take back to your team.

– Katie Gilbaugh

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  • Have access to the most valuable eSummit content wherever, and whenever you wish to view it.
  • View sessions at any time, stop and take notes, and pass shared learnings to co-workers.
  • Choose how you want to view, regardless of your time zone and location.

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  • Watch presentations on your computer, tablet, or smartphone and learn on the go.
  • Relive the eSummit experience with presentations synchronized with audio and video.
  • Learn at a level and pace that suits you and your teams.


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Presentations featured on-demand include Lily Ray (Path Interactive), Wil Reynolds (Seer Interactive), Britney Muller, Martin Splitt (Google), Jackie Chu (Uber), Marie Haynes, and more.

You’ll also gain exclusive access to recordings of live panels, live Q&A and Advanced SEO (Keith Goode, IBM), and PPC Master Classes (Amy Bishop, Cultivative LLC).

I attended the two masterclasses at SEJ’s eSummit 2021 and my mind was blown with the number of actionable tips I walked away with. The speakers were very knowledgable and this is a must-attend in future if you want to improve your marketing.

– Beth Lowe, Digital Marketing Consultant

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Full of actionable insights, eSummit on-demand content will help you sharpen your digital skills and serve as your ultimate guide to search, content, and digital marketing success in 2021.

SEJ eSummit - On-Demand content passes now available

Content includes full access to recordings and slides from the SEJ eSummit:


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  • Main Stage Industry Keynotes and Panels.
  • SEO Stage.
  • PPC/Paid Social Stage.
  • Content Strategy Stage.
  • Enterprise SEO Stage.

Bonus content includes:

  • SEO Master Class with IBM’s Keith Goode.
  • PPC Master Class with Amy Bishop from Cultivate LLC.
  • Exclusive Sponsor Presentations and Special Offers.
  • Work/Life Balance Videos and Recordings.

Buy an On-Demand Pass for $350

This on-demand content will only be available until Summer 2021.

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SEJ’s eSummit was a great opportunity to keep up to date on what’s happening in the SEO world, as well as where to focus and how to prioritize my efforts. I will be back!


Read more from SEJ eSummit here: SEO, PPC & Content: Tips & Takeaways from SEJ eSummit 2021

Mainstage & Keynotes

Panel: What Will 2021 Bring for SEO

Izzi Smith, Technical SEO Analyst, Ryte
Loren Baker, Founder, Search Engine Journal

Learn what critical SEO trends are vital and what isn’t worth your time in 2021.

Keynote: How 2020 Changed the Course of SEO in 2021

Lily Ray, SEO Director, Path Interactive

Learn how 2020 changed the course of SEO for 2021.

Future of Speed & Performance: Your Core Web Vitals Strategy

Alexis Sanders, Senior SEO Account Manager, Merkle
Rachel Costello, Technical SEO Consultant, Builtvisible

Learn about the future of speed, performance, page experience, and Core Web Vitals.

Keynote – SEO to Growth: How to Use Your Siloed Search Data to Help Your Company Understand Your Customer Better Than Ever

Wil Reynolds, Founder & Vice President of Innovation, Seer Interactive

Learn how to use siloed search data to understand your customer better in 2021.

Marketing O’Clock Live: The Biggest Digital Ad Shake Ups in 2020 & How To Set Yourself Up for Success in 2021

Keynote: Automating Data Insights

Britney Muller, SEO Consultant and Data Science Student, Britney Muller LLC


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Learn how to automate data insights without lots of technical skills being required.


No More Theory: Web Vitals – A Look Under the Hood of Real Brands

Bartosz Goralewicz, CEO, Onely

Learn how to take a hands-on approach to optimizing Core Web Vitals.

Deep-Diving Into Google’s Core Web Vitals

Bastian Grimm, CEO & Co-founder, Peak Ace AG

Learn all about CWV and hands-on solutions to optimizing your site in 2021.

Panel: Ask an SEO

Upasna Gautam, Product Manager, Ecommerce, CNN
John Shehata, Vice President of Audience Development Strategy, Condé Nast

Learn from leading big brands on how they approach SEO in this Q&A session.

Core Web Vitals – Why, What and How?

Martin Splitt, Developer Advocate, Google

Learn the history of web performance measurements and how you can better measure CWV.

Panel: Ask an SEO

Adam Riemer, President, Adam Riemer Marketing, LLC
Joe Hall, SEO Consultant, Hall Analysis LLC

Learn from leading SEO professionals how they approach SEO in this Q&A session.


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How to Diagnose the Cause of a Drop In Google Organic Traffic

Marie Haynes, CEO, Marie Haynes Consulting Inc.

Learn advanced strategies to determine why traffic has dropped and how to recover.

Scaling SEO for the Enterprise

Jackie Chu, SEO Lead Intelligence, Uber

Learn how to automate everything from content workflows to technical SEO at companies of scale.

PPC / Paid Social

How to Generate Better Quality Leads through PPC

Michelle Morgan, Director of Client Services, Clix Marketing

Learn new PPC strategies and messages to improve your lead quality.

Making Paid Social Work for Lead Generation in 2021

Garrett Mehrguth, CEO and Co-founder, Directive

Learn actionable ways to utilize LinkedIn and direct response to get more leads in 2021.

Ask a PPC

Amy Bishop, Owner & Digital Marketing Consultant, Cultivative LLC

Learn from a leading PPC professional how they approach search in this Q&A session.

How to Engage Users and Continually Test at Every Stage of the Buying Funnel

Amy Bishop, Owner & Digital Marketing Consultant, Cultivative LLC


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Learn how to bulletproof your 2021 strategy and convert prospects across the buying funnel.

How to Leverage Innovative Audience Targeting & Creative Tactics

Akvile DeFazio, President, AKvertise

Learn to explore new audiences and level up your B2B & B2C Facebook Instagram Ads.

Panel: Ask a PPC Expert

Navah Hopkins, Director of Paid Media, Hennessey Digital

Learn from a leading PPC professional how they approach search in this Q&A session.

PPC & SEO Winning Together

Navah Hopkins, Director of Paid Media, Hennessey Digital

Learn how to get PPC and SEO winning together in 2021.

Content Strategy

How To Ensure Your Facebook Video Content Generates Quality Leads

Mari Smith, CEO, Mari Smith International, Inc.

Learn brand new strategies and how to get better results from Facebook marketing in 2021.

Laser-Focused Content Strategy: 9 Legit Ways to Drive Impact at Every Stage of the Funnel

Andy Crestodina, Co-founder and CMO, Orbit Media Studios

Learn new ways to create a content marketing funnel for the right audiences at the right time.


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Panel: Ask a Content Expert

Shama Hyder, CEO & Founder, Zen Media

Learn from a leading marketing professional how they approach content in this Q&A session.

Making the Most From Your Existing Content Online

Anna Crowe, Features Writer, Search Engine Journal

Learn how to make the most of your existing online content and maximize the value it creates.

4 Trending Content Strategy Techniques to Try in 2021

Julia McCoy, Content Hacker and Founder, Express Writers

Learn in-depth content strategies and techniques that will last through-out 2021.

Panel: Ask a Content Expert

Kaleigh Moore, Freelance Writer

Raj Nijjer, VP, Marketing, Yotpo

Learn from leading content professionals on how they approach marketing in this Q&A session.

Enterprise SEO

Where Does SEO Fit?

Jenn Mathews, SEO Manager, GitHub

Learn where SEO fits with actionable advice on how to work with different departments.

Why Getting SEO, Content, and Web on the Same Page Is Critical to SEO Success

Patrick Reinhart, VP of Digital Strategies, Conductor

Learn how to align SEO, content, and website programs to unlock Enterprise SEO potential.


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Ask an Enterprise Expert

Patrick Kajirian, SEO Product Manager,

Learn from a leading brand how they approach Enterprise SEO in this Q&A session.

How to Avoid the Most Costly Legal Mistakes

Ruth Carter, Evil Genius, Carter Law Firm

Learn valuable insights and information on avoiding costly legal mistakes in 2021.

The Emergency Guide to Website Accessibility Compliance

Kim Krause Berg, Accessibility and Usability Specialist, Creative Vision Web Consulting

Learn how to protect business with the emergency guide to website accessibility compliance.

Ask a Lawyer

Ruth Carter, Evil Genius, Carter Law Firm

Learn from a leading lawyer on legal for Enterprise SEO in this Q&A session.

Advanced SEO Master Class

Keith Goode, Sr. SEO Strategist, IBM

Learn how to master the art of Enterprise SEO with fresh insights, cross-functional frameworks, and real-life learnings from one of the world’s leading and most experienced SEO professionals.

The actionable takeaways and leave behind guides, prioritization graphs, and templates will also serve as a guide you can turn to throughout the year. This helps maximize your success and evangelize SEO across your whole organization.


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Advanced PPC Master Class

Amy Bishop, Owner & DigitalMarketing Consultant, Cultivative LLC

Learn to build advanced PPC strategies with new and actionable strategies and content to maximize your paid search ROI in 2021.

The actionable takeaways will help you plan better advanced PPC campaigns, remarked more effectively, drive more ROI from cross channel campaigns – and audit your campaign performance.

EXPO & Sponsor Offers

Be Feared and Loved: Ranking Content the Michael Scott Way

Michael Johnson, Sales Manager, Page One Power

Learn from real-life examples with real-life solutions to the challenges brands face with keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building.

Special offer: Set up a consultation for your free search content blueprint, a $1,500 value!

Make the Most of Your Marketing with CallRail by Ashby Addiss

Ashby Addiss, Sales Enablement Manager, CallRail

Learn how to level up your marketing attribution and gain insights into ROI so you can market better and spend smarter.

Special offer: Start a 30-day free trial of call tracking, conversation intelligence, form tracking, and lead center. Sign up here.


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E-A-T For Link Building

Kevin Rowe, PureLinq

Learn how to do link building for YMYL categories (and when not to).

Special offer: PureLinq will be waiving onboarding fees with the promo code “SEJSummit2021.” Email [email protected] with this code by January 31, 2021.

Live Q&A with Jim Boykin of Internet Marketing Ninjas

Jim Boykin, Internet Marketing Ninjas

Learn how content and links can grow your SEO visibility along with answers to questions that can make a direct impact on your business.

Special offer: Get half off your backlink audit, disavow revision, and strategy by Jim Boykin.

Booth Sponsor Offers

One Little Web

The bespoke link-building agency outperforming competitors with unbeatable price, quality, and results.

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  • Guest Posting Service: Buy one DA50+ backlink, get one DA40+ backlink FREE!
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Conductor’s best-in-class SEO platform provides deep insights and unparalleled services to help your team achieve its SEO and content goals.


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Special offer: Get a free SEO Analysis.

Work/Life Balance

How To Create a Goal-driven Mindset Without Going Insane

Dixon Jones, inLinks

Based in part on Dixon’s MBA module on mindfulness. Learn how to build a framework to avoid long term depression and retain a positive outlook.

Find Balance, Find Sanity: Yoga For Your Mind

Duane Forrester, Yext

Learn how to creatively explore ideas and clear your mental runway to see and seize inspiration.

Mindful Self-Care in Digital Times: EXHALE with SLHayes

Shanta Hayes

Learn the physiological and psychological benefits of breathing, and short exercises that can be practiced anywhere.

Winter Gardening Basics

Dan Leibson, Local SEO Guide, & Rachel Anderson

Learn all about container gardening and winter vegetables to take a break from work.

Women in Tech: Become a Conference Speaker

Upasna Gautam, CNN

Learn how to cultivate confidence and seek the opportunities to amplify your representation on the speaker rosters in the tech conference circuit.

Guilt-free Goodies

Darlene Johnson


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Learn new recipes that are good, good for you, and can be eaten without guilt.

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