Personal computer Hackers Breach Yonkers Data Engineering Centre By Hezi Aris

The Endeavor Matted Lots of Modules But They Are Remaining Correctly Ressurected

Hackers Demand from customers Ransom from Buffalo, Syracuse and Yonkers for Laptop or computer Databases Breach

Buffalo Demanded to Pay back $3.5 Million … End result Mysterious

Rochester Demanded to Shell out $4 Million … Result Unfamiliar

Yonkers Demanded to Pay out $10 Million … No Payment Manufactured … Tested to Be Unnecessary

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano.

YONKERS, NY — September 12, 2021 — A Yonkers person with confirmed knowledge fortunately recommended the Yonkers Tribune two days back that the Metropolis of Yonkers had suffered a laptop or computer incursion by hackers who demanded ransom to the tune of $10 million to resuscitate the disparate modules that overlay the different departments of the metropolis.

The issue was corroborated from a multiplicity of departments when personal computer techniques had been immobilized and/or frozen.

The preserving grace is that the system’s different modules are in the approach of staying resurrected but there has been no way for the Yonkers Tribune to verify when all the modules will be up and working.

The takeaway is really straightforward. The City of Yonkers ought to allocate funding for a state of the art laptop procedure that can contend with upcoming attempts to undermine the capability of the City of Yonkers to functionality.

Robert W. Cacace, Jr., Commissioner of Details Technological know-how for the Town of Yonkers

The Yonkers Tribune has been produced informed of the situations that undermined laptop systems in Buffalo, Rochester, and Yonkers to some extent or another irrespective of there getting been not a single report from any of these metropolitan areas, except for the Yonkers Tribune’s telling.  

It have to be mentioned and celebrated that Bob Cacace’s oversight as Commissioner of Info Engineering for the Town of Yonkers and his department’s oversight of this potentially calamitous prevalence has been thwarted.

Yonkers Tribune has discovered that the approach of resuscitating Yonkers office to functioning ability is going through. How the approach will choose is unidentified.